hi, i'm allegra. 

chronic doodler, class-a feeler + popcorn with wine enthusiast. 

I'm a super feeler, romantic and, if you're into it, an Enneagram 4. I joke but it's true that if I'm not between a 3 and 7 on the emotional scale, I'm crying. Probably because I saw a picture of a puppy or worse, an otter. 

My passion for creativity and hand lettering surfaced from my natural way of processing. Using my hands to express the feelings, thoughts and ideas that so often fell stuck in my head is my jam. It has morphed from doodles instead of school notes, to sketchbooks of messy images, from journals of messy thoughts, to creating and recreating words that hit the soul and encourage authentic living. Somehow translating how I feel or the thoughts on my brain into images or words is the most healthy area I can be. 

Above all, I believe in the power of words, embracing vulnerability & sharing our stories. 

This is my story, my journey - thanks for stopping by! 




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