02: About Me


I'm Allegra. Yup, just like the allergy medicine. 

I'm a super feeler, romantic and if you're into it, an Enneagram 4. I joke but it's true that if I'm not between a 3 and 7 on the emotional scale, I'm crying. Probably because I saw a picture of a puppy or worse, an otter. 

I'm married to a fiery redhead of a husband. We met in college and have a long love story I wouldn't change for the world. Essentially, I played hard to get and attempted to deny my feelings for him for close to three years - to the extent of not speaking to him for a full 365 days. Yup, harsh. Looking back he was the one constant in my life as I worked to hard to run from. He is the most patient and kind in the sometimes storm of a emotion I can be.  

My passion for creativity and hand lettering comes of my natural way of processing. Using my hands to express the feelings, thoughts and ideas have morphed from doodles on school notes, to sketchbooks of messy lines, to creating and recreating words that encourage authentic living. Somehow translating how I feel into images or words is the healthiest I can be. 

I once ran from what made me unique. I ran from my name by preferring the shortened “Alle”, I hid my interests in reading by only revealing my fantasy nerd to a very select few, and I disguised my love for art in secret sketchbooks. I have found the more I have embraced these pieces of me, I live a more fulfilled and true life. 

So here I am. It’s nice to meet you. 

This is a part of my story, my journey. I’d love to hear yours!